Azure Firewall Integration: Article 08

This is the the first article for my Real Time Dashboard with Kafka+Spring-boot+Angular+Azure article series. If you missed third arcticle please read the Azure Database for MySQL server Integration with Azure App service here.

What is the Firewall

Firewalls carefully analyze incoming traffic based on pre-established rules and filter traffic coming from unsecured or suspicious sources to prevent attacks. Firewalls guard traffic at a computer’s entry point, called ports, which is where information is exchanged with external devices. For example, “Source address is allowed to reach destination over port 22.”

Think of IP addresses as houses, and port numbers as rooms within the house. Only trusted people (source addresses) are allowed to enter the house (destination address) at all — then it’s further filtered so that people within the house are only allowed to access certain rooms (destination ports), depending on if they’re the owner, a child, or a guest. The owner is allowed to any room (any port), while children and guests are allowed into a certain set of rooms (specific ports).

In azure you can add firewalls to your services, virtual machines and so on. This will give maximum security when planning different network application environment in azure.

In Rules configuration, we can set up

  • NAT rule collection
  • Network rule collection
  • Application rule collection

For this project, It is good to have application rule collection, that can be allow or deny target source.

This is my reference link

That’s it. Let’s see the ninth arcticle relate to this project

Azure Storage

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